Assertiveness Training for Improved Performance Management

Training and coaching for performance excellence

Improving your business performance

Like all successful business professionals, we understand the value of continuous improvement and learning.  You need to play to your strengths to stay ahead in competitive environments and regularly target and develop the areas where there is a recognised need for improvement. This is what enables successful individuals to take their careers and their companies to the next level.

Whether you are taking your first steps in the corporate or SME world, or you are already a senior manager or even an experienced entrepreneur, The Training Box will provide you with great business coaching, management skills training and leadership development to enhance your professional skill set.

Assertiveness Training & Coaching

People who demonstrate assertive behaviour are able to express themselves openly and honestly, manage dialogue and diverse views and opinions constructively and are in a stronger position to fulfil their ambitions and goals.

However, becoming assertive is about far more than simply learning a few well-rehearsed responses to challenging situations. It’s about knowing what is important to you, what you want to achieve and then finding a way to get there whilst also respecting the aims, feelings and beliefs of those around you.

Assertiveness helps you to express yourself in an honest and reasonable way without creating unnecessary conflict.  Adopting assertive techniques can instantly boost your persuasive powers and make you more effective in the workplace.

Assertiveness in the Workplace

If your current challenges are: to express yourself honestly and say what you feel in a constructive way; to become more confident in holding difficult conversations in challenging circumstances; to achieve your goals but not at the expense of others; to find the right balance in your interactions; to ensure that your contributions are not overlooked…

…. then The Training Box is here to help.  Our approach to assertiveness training and coaching is to support your understanding of your own style and natural preferences and to coach you, mentor you and support you on your journey to being more assertive.

Assertiveness Training

Our assertiveness training & coaching can be in London, elsewhere in the UK and anywhere across Europe.