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The Training Box Newsletter, April 2010

Adopt coaching as a management style

Is creating commitment and ownership in the workplace important to you?  Coaching as a management concept was developed from sports psychology in the 1980’s.*  Today, creating a coaching culture in the workplace is perceived to bring with it a myriad of benefits related to improved performance, motivation and job satisfaction as well as adding an extra dimension to the leader’s toolkit. In this edition of the Training Box newsletter, we take a closer look at coaching and at some of the communication skills essential to making thgffuhis particular style of management work successfully for you.

* Commonly attributed to Whitmore/Hemery, Performance Consultants International

Tips out of The Training Box

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The Training Box Quick Fix     

 Need to have an important workplace coaching conversation?

1. Choose the right environment: reserve a room, arrange seating for comfort, check light,
    temperature etc., to create the right conditions for constructive discussion.

2. Avoid interruptions: cancel calls, make sure you are not disturbed and set aside enough
    time to complete the conversation properly.

3. Establish the framework: to avoid misunderstanding discuss and agree expectations, rules
    for confidentiality and context BEFORE you start.

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