The Training Box Newsletter

December 2012

Our Apologies for the previous, incorrect newsletter sent out today. You haven't missed Christmas, Don't worry.


Free Powerpoint Coaching
Back by popular demand and perhaps the
start of our very own Christmas tradition;
be one of the first 10 readers to send us an email to recieve your Christmas gift of a free coaching session on a powerpoint slide of your own choice... more


Top Up the Traditional Christmas Spirit
Many people hope for more than presents at Christmas- the traditional Christmas
spirit is also in the air. We feel sure that behind all the fun and decorations,
meaningful communication can keep the Christmas spirit topped up... more


Learning From and With Others
In many countries, it is traditional to bake cookies at Christmas. Explore us with the connection between a “cookie party”, picking up great communication tips from others and and passing on a few tips of your own... more


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