The Training Box Newsletter December 2015
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Speaking in public: harness the power of adrenaline 


Confronted with the task of speaking in public or delivering an important presentation, many people suffer from nerves that manifest themselves in a number of different ways; dry throat, sweaty palms, shaking knees, flushed skin, breathing difficulties, perhaps even a “frozen in the headlights” glazing over of the eyes. It is also not unusual for the nerves to be translated into an involuntary display of hectic non-verbal signals that tend to make us look afraid and panic-stricken in the eyes of the audience. Although the symptoms vary, their impact invariably sabotages our best efforts to make a good impression and think clearly. Most of us are aware that the adrenaline released as part of the fight or flight reaction is to blame for what we feel. This extra raw energy should make us more effective, but instead, it frequently gets in the way. 

In this edition of the newsletter, we focus on understanding more about HOW this reaction works and we provide you with insights into how you can develop unique and personal coping strategies. 


"I think it's healthy for a person to be nervous. It means you care - that you work hard and want to give a great performance. You just have to channel that nervous energy into the show."

Beyonce Knowles


The Training Box Tips


The science behind speaking stress

Understand why you feel the way you do when you get nervous and explore what you need to do to get on top of speaking stress. 


Channel your energy

Five positive, powerful ways to release your energy when you speak and present. 


Conquer your nerves

How we think and approach things has a critical impact on success – use our tips to develop the kind of attitude and thinking that will help you to conquer your nerves.


One of our success stories


The challenge:

An international group director sought to enhance his personal presence, develop charismatic leadership qualities and boost his ability to inspire and motivate the team.


The successful solution:

Individual coaching (3 sessions in a six month period) enabled this client to develop his presence, improve his voice and tone, unlock a more powerful delivery style and improve his personal interaction skills. The newfound learning was successfully applied in delivering presentations as well as in everyday interactions. 


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They faced a few obstacles  - Maureen broke her toe just five weeks before departure - but in the end they smiled most of the way and enjoyed a fabulous trek. So far, their GoFundMe campaign has raised almost EUR1,500 for The Dorobo Fund. Find out more on their dedicated Facebook page  and please use this link  if you would like make a donation. Your support will be truly appreciated.