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The Training Box Newsletter, July 2010

Use the written word to influence, inform and impress

A communication channel is defined as “The medium through which a message is transmitted to its intended audience.” We may often think immediately of the spoken word as the most important communication channel. However, it can just as often be the written word. Especially in the workplace, reports, proposals and correspondence (such as e-mail) are crucial tools for getting your message across and getting the results you want. This month we look at how to make a competent and powerful impression on those who read what you have written.

Tips out of The Training Box

How readers read
The writer must aim to help the reader as much as possible. To do this, it is important to understand how the process of reading works. more »

Think clearly, write clearly
Successful writing depends
upon your ability to use language in ways which will enable the reader to easily grasp the message you have in mind.  more»

E-mail: perils and pitfalls
E-mails are rapidly replacing letters as the preferred form of business correspondence but there is so much that can go wrong when writing them.
more »

The Training Box Quick Fix     

Word choice is important but don’t neglect eye-appeal. Good colour can help a document but the secret is to apply restraint and follow a few common-sense guidelines.

1. Choose one or two highlight colours that complement the overall document design. Use
    these colours sparingly but consistently. E.g. for headlines, simple graphic effects etc.

2. Check your colour coding to see if it works well when viewed in black and white only -
    important when colour print-outs are not available or for the reader who may be colour-blind.

3. If using a palette of true colours is not possible or practical, then deliberately use various
    shades of grey
instead to add “colour” interest.

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