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Training Box Newsletter, April 2014

Everyone can drive innovation using coaching skills

Today, innovation is not a choice - it’s a must! The theme of this newsletter is closely linked to the publication of Coaching for Innovation, a brand new book co-written by The Training Box founder and Managing Director, Maureen Steele and our co-operation partner, Cristina Bianchi of Enhance Training and Development. Coaching for Innovation as a concept is a way for everyone to foster bigger thinking and drive innovation using coaching skills.  When you coach for innovation, you encourage a culture of idea generation, maximise creativity and engagement, explore all alternatives and come up with unique solutions that go beyond the obvious and achieve more. Our tips, adapted from this exciting book, will help you to hone your questioning skills, enhance your listening ability and support you in making it your mission drive innovation

Tips out of The Training Box


Ask powerful questions
Powerful questions resonate, make people think and play a critical role in generating bigger thinking. 
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Listen mindfully
Explore the difference between hearing, listening and mindful listening.
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Make innovation your mission
Develop the attitude, mindset, skills and abilities you need.
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The Training Box Quick Fix

When you want to coach for innovation, your challenge is to resist the natural tendency to voice an immediate solution or to give advice. Instead, start an exploration process. Move from telling to asking questions that encourage the other person to refocus their attention and tap into their own potential to generate options and find new, unique solutions. The three main focus areas you’re your questions are: 

Information gathering: explore the background of the problem or issue.

Causes: consider what led to the problem or issue in the first place.

Goal and fixes: check the goal and generate options to solve the problem or issue. 



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Brand new book
Coaching for Innovation: Tools and Techniques for Encouraging New Ideas in the Workplace (2014, Palgrave MacMillan) by Cristina Bianchi and Maureen Steele now available to pre-order.
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