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The Training Box Newsletter, November 2010

Persuasion and the art of influencing people   

Influence is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “the effect a person or thing has on another”.  Influence is therefore a force to be reckoned with and we exercise it (knowingly or unknowingly) in many different ways every day and especially when we communicate. In this edition of our newsletter, we begin a two-part examination* of the art of using influential communication and positive persuasion in order to achieve great win-win outcomes.

* The second part will be featured in our first newsletter of 2011.

Tips out of The Training Box

The positive side of persuasion
Don’t be mislead into thinking that persuasion is about “unfair manipulation”. Far from it! Understand and apply the principles of positive persuasion in your communication. more »

Learning from the Greek philosophers
The study of persuasion and rhetoric reaches back to the ancient Greeks. There is much that is still relevant for communicators today – especially in the workplace.  more»

Listening: the foundation of influence
If you think being influential is all about being great with words, then think again. The journey to being truly influential begins before you open your mouth.
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The Training Box Quick Fix     

In order for your views to have value when it is your turn to speak, you need to show your listener(s) that you value them so they will appreciate you.

1. Remember and use names: make a point of storing up the name of someone you meet for
    the first time and use the name in your conversation with them.

2. Listen more than you speak: allow space for the other person(s) to express their views and
    opinions without interruption from you.

3. Keep your promises: always fulfil any pledges you make to follow-up, deliver information or
    take action.

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