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Make a first impression that counts

You have probably heard of the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”  Assuming that there is more than an element of truth in this (and in the humble opinion of The Training Box there is!) then the implications are worth thinking about. This month’s newsletter digs deep into our box of practical and effective communication tips, designed to help you to guarantee that the first impression you make is all you want it to be!

Tips out of The Training Box

Non-verbals speak volumes
People make their minds up about you very quickly. The non-verbal signals you send out can make or break an encounter in the first few seconds.  more »

Keep technology in its place PowerPoint is an essential  presentation tool but not a  substitute for personal contact with the audience. Find out how to strike the right balance.  more»

Be your own best advocate
Networking works but you have to work at it if you want results. When you explain who you are and what you do, use  your 1-minute opportunity to shine. more »

The Training Box Quick Fix     

 Need to make a positive first impression on the telephone?

1. Dress the part: even if no-one can see you.  What you wear impacts the way you sit or
    stand and this in turn impacts how you sound.

2. Smile: smiling changes the facial muscles.  This translates into a friendlier, happier voice that
    encourages a more favourable response.

3. Listen - don't just speak: especially true if you have a script.  Build in questions and sound
    REALLY interested in the responses.

October 2009

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