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Training Box Newsletter, October 2013.

Making your voice heard

Communication, of course, is an integral part of our daily lives. Itís hard not to be aware of this when we are constantly subjected to emails, meetings, presentations, tweets, telephone calls, the internet and the media. In fact, according to some sources, each one of us is bombarded every day with up to two thousand commercial messages alone! With so much happening, how can you make your voice heard?  In this monthís newsletter, we shine a spotlight on some of the ways you can manage yourself to make sure the spoken messages you send are not only successfully transmitted but are heard and understood.

Tips out of The Training Box


The voice as an instrument
Understand how to maximize your vocal power.
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Voicing your feelings
Find out how the voice does more than communicate content.
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Transmit clearly and simply
Keeping things simple is the recipe for success.
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The Training Box Quick Fix

Communication is commonly talked about in terms of a cycle. In any communication, the principal characters are known as the sender and the receiver: 


Ideas: exist in the senderís brain as electrochemical neuron systems, not words.

2. Encoding: is what happens when we convert these electrochemical impulses to sounds - words and sentences so they can be transmitted.

3. Decoding: is what happens at the other end - the receiverís brain converts the bits of sound back to electrical impulses.

If communication succeeds, the senderís exact (or close) ideas end up in the receiverís brain as electrical energy ready for decoding. Responsibility for successful communication lies with the person transmitting the message.


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