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Training Box Newsletter, September 2014

Email: a 21st century dilemma

The last time we talked email was in our July 2010 newsletter (Email: perils and pitfalls). Since then, email has of course continued to grow as a major communication channel. Worldwide, more than 100 billion emails are sent every day. One recent study shows that office workers send or receive an average of 120 emails a day - thatís one every four minutes. In fact, many people cannot remember a time before email and rarely if ever put pen to paper. Sheer volume and familiarity though are not enough to guarantee that this way of communicating is always effective. The growth of email has been so dramatic and rapid that there are very few protocols governing its use.  Help is at hand in this edition of the newsletter with tips to help you sort through the confusion and prevent you being overwhelmed.

Tips out of The Training Box


Manage your mailboxes
Have a system in place to manage your mail before your mail manages you.
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Lead the way to LESS mail
Develop good email habits in what you write and to whom you write. 
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Reply and be replied to
Overcome the attitude that says why bother...
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The Training Box Quick Fix

Other people's opinions do matter and in the professional world, their perception of you is always going to be critical to your success. If your emails are messy, disorganised or confusing Ė or you simply canít be bothered to reply - this is sending out the wrong messages.


Be pro- active and not reactive: be organised, have a system to manage your mailboxes and take steps to prevent yourself becoming overwhelmed.


Follow email etiquette guidelines: the rules may be unwritten, but our simple tips will guide you.


Donít be THAT person who never replies: make it a point to always reply to emails you receive.



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