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In each edition, we will update you on the latest developments in our training and coaching offer. We will also provide you with some practical communication tips to enable you to be the best communicator you can be. After all, excellent communicators can be more certain of success!

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Tips out of The Training Box

Manage your inner dialogue
Our inner dialogue ultimately impacts the actions we take. Find out how conducting a more pro-active conversation with yourself can stimulate your creativity and help to open up new choices and solutions.  more »

Get the words right
Tone and style are important to maximise your impact, connect with your audience and make your messages more memorable. Our Top Ten Word Tips offer a simple but practical guide.  more »

Build an outer presence
A massive 38% of the influence you exert depends upon your voice. Check our brand new “VoiceBox” – a workout designed to build an outer presence that speaks of inner confidence.  more »

June 2009

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