Building Your Programme – Focus Areas

The right programme can come in a number of different ways and formats tailored for your needs, your group size and your budget. In consultation with you, we will match your desired focus areas and learning outcomes to one or more of our flexible and modular coaching and training solutions.

Mastering Workplace Challenges

Understand the diverse and complex nature of the workplace and be proactive in shaping how things are done

How teams work
Understand how a group evolves into a cohesive unit

Diversity and cross-cultural challenges
Learn how to value an inclusive workplace

Change can be good
Find out how to thrive in times of change

Relationships and rapport
Appreciate the importance of building great relationships

Achieving results
Know your goal and how to achieve it

Bigger thinking matters
Develop your ability to come up with ideas

Skills For Personal Business Success

Develop the skills and competences you need to be successful and enhance your performance in key areas

Meeting management
Acquire processes and techniques that make meetings more efficient

Getting to “Yes”
Be more effective when you have to persuade, sell or negotiate

Presentations that deliver
Organise, design and deliver great presentations

Communication across channels
Use the written and spoken word to influence, inform and impress

Communicating in a virtual world
Achieve balance and keep technology in its place when you operate remotely

Project management
Be on top of process, manage communication and deal with conflict

Personal Mastery

Become aware of what you do, how you do it and lead yourself towards your goals and outcomes

Manage the inner voice
Find out how to be more pro-active, overcome obstacles and open up new choices

Stay resourceful under pressure
Develop strategies and principles to improve your efficiency at work

Outcomes and beliefs of excellence
Work towards what you want to achieve – positively and with enthusiasm

Perform beyond your expectations
Reach and liberate the confident communicator within you

Be your own coach
Acquire good practise and habits to keep you moving forwards

Applying mindfulness
Adopt and develop principles that enable you to stay calm and focused

Personal Presence

Develop your personal impact, play to your strengths and boost your ability to make a great impression

Maximise your vocal power
Optimise the influence of your voice and your ability to convince and persuade

Secrets of non-verbal communication
Read the signs AND ensure your own signals send out the right message

Build positive workplace relationships
Build, manage and maintain positive and meaningful workplace relationships

Winning ways with rhetorical skills
The art of using language effectively and persuasively

Personal presence for job seekers
Look, talk, think, act and write in ways that boost your credibility

Personal presence for entrepreneurs
Explore and develop your own unique and personal brand

Communication Strategies For Leaders

Understand why being a great communicator is critical for leadership success and hone your skill set

Leadership styles: theory and practise
Build your awareness of the palette of leadership styles and boost your flexibility

Compelling visions for yourself and others
Create positive solutions and communicate your vision to the team

Foster beliefs of excellence
Understand the critical importance of beliefs and values in driving excellence

The coaching leader
Apply coaching skills and techniques to maximise performance and engagement

The innovative leader
Cultivate the habits of innovative leaders to foster a culture of creativity

Charismatic speaking skills
Enhance your ability to deliver motivating and inspiring talks

Responding To Change And Transition

Make the most of change and welcome it as a good thing – master the challenges of transition

Survival strategies for change
Boost your ability to deal with the increased stress that change can bring

Leading others through change
Anticipate the impact of change – respond and manage the transition

Drive and respond to personal change
Develop values and beliefs that enable you to welcome and master change

Empowering positive change
Change is inevitable – make it your friend and cultivate the right kind of change

Manage career change and transition
Establish meaningful goals and develop strategies, tactics and skills to achieve them

The dynamics of change
Understand how change works and prepare to deal with it successfully

Interpersonal Communication

Master the essentials for communication success – even in difficult circumstances

Dealing with difficult questions and hostile audiences
Anchor in techniques and skills that support you when the going gets tough

The power of your questions to shape the dialogue
Understand the anatomy of questions and power up your questioning skills

How to hold difficult conversations
Manage the conversations you don’t want to have but HAVE to have

Principles of persuasion and influence and how to apply them
Be a positive and ethical persuader with WIN-WIN in mind

Effective feedback and efficient instructions
Explore and apply practical and simple guidelines that really work

The secrets of good listening
Find out how to adopt mindful listening as a way of being and appreciate the benefits

Communication Essentials

You can’t NOT communicate, so make your communication choices good ones

Communication basics
How communication works: mechanics and principles

Constructing clear messages
Be sure that the message received is the same as the one you think you have sent

Outcome thinking and goal setting
Set your goals and keep them in mind at every step

Principles of clarity and precision
Find out how to strengthen the relevance and clarity of your messages across all channels

WIN-WIN communication
Anticipate and match the interests and expectations of the listener

Business writing skills
Use the written word to influence, inform and impress

Communication For The Future

Old ways of thinking and communicating are getting diminishing returns – be future ready and stay ahead of the game

Harnessing the power of the team for innovation
Ingredients to foster a culture of idea generation and how teams work at their best

Coaching conversations that drive Innovation
Step into a coaching role to drive and manage the innovation process

Bigger thinking and how to foster it
Become a catalyst for top performance, creativity and idea generation

Train creative fitness (in yourself and your team)
Find new ways to come up with new ideas and unlock hidden potential

Effective ways to work with and manage remote teams
Apply the kind of communication essential to get the best out “virtual” teams

Diversity and inclusion
Insights and actions to empower people and benefit from the richness that diversity brings

Delivery Options

Take a look at the factors that influence the format of your training and coaching.