Building Your Programme - Delivery Options

The right programme can come in a number of different ways and formats tailored for your needs, your group size and your budget. In consultation with you, we will match your desired focus areas and learning outcomes to one or more of our flexible and modular coaching and training solutions.

How many people need communication coaching or training?

Our solutions can be tailored to accommodate one person or many. Typically, we work with individuals, small to large groups or teams, and bigger audiences.

Our commitment is to work closely with you from the first consultation, through needs assessment and analysis to identify the right solution for you, your group and your budget.

What is the best delivery style to match the number of people and the learning goals?

The options are: coaching for individuals or small groups; interactive workshops/ training programmes for medium-sized groups, master classes and symposium style key-note speeches for bigger audiences.

When we understand the context of what you would like to achieve, we identify with you the right way to work together to make sure that the solution becomes a reality.

Where and how would you like the coaching and training to take place?

Our focus is on individuals (private or corporate) and providing in-house solutions for groups or teams within an organisation. Usually, we come to the client or the client provides an offsite location.


We appreciate the need for creative solutions such as telephone or Skype coaching, teleconference or video training for groups.  We also believe in supporting you with practical resources that you buy or subscribe too such as our Practical Tips in Print or our Newsletter.

Our responsibility is to listen carefully to what you have to say!

We ask questions to help you refine what you want to achieve and then to present you with a design that fits your learning goals and your budget. We only move forward after you have signed off on the proposal.

For us, providing you with tailor-made solutions is an integral part of how we do things. Your benefit is personalised coaching and training at off-the shelf prices.

Helpful Information For Choosing Your Delivery Options

What is coaching exactly?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.”

What you mean by communication coaching?

Communication coaching is more than a fix for problems. It is sought out by and for high performers, top talent and those seeking to go beyond the obvious and achieve more. The communication coach acts as a catalyst, supporting you and your organisation when you want to go from being good to being outstanding.

What is the role of a communication coach?

The role of a communication coach is to listen, observe, challenge and inspire so that you can enhance your skills and performance. Your coach elicits from you strategies and solutions to your issues and will share his /her knowledge when it is helpful.

Who drives the communication coaching process?

You do. Our coaching belief is that you are naturally resourceful and we provide the support you need to tap into the creativity you already possess; we follow your agenda and lead the process towards achieving your own outcomes.

What is the key difference between a workshop and a training programme?

A workshop is ideally for groups of six or less. Content is based on overall needs but the small group size enables a high level of individual focus. A training programme can handle more people, on average about 8 – 10. The focus is decided up front and centres on issues important to the group in general. There is some limited room for personal attention.


What do you mean by master classes and key-note speeches?

Master classes and key-note speeches are typically for much bigger audiences – anything from thirty plus up to a hundred or more. Usually, they require input or presentations from an expert who provides tips and inspiration for everyone. There may be some discussion but practical work is likely to be limited unless combined with breakout sessions.

Can you provide examples to support our choice when it comes to delivery options?

We suggest you browse our Success Stories. Here you will find examples of our training and coaching assignments, consultancy projects and case studies to give you inspiration and food for thought about what might be appropriate for you, your colleagues or your organisation.

Take A Look At Our Success Stories

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