“Enriched communication is the essence of motivation and commitment.”

Sue Knight,  NLP at Work

We have chosen three of the most important ways you can enrich your communication, appealing to the eyes, ears and feelings of your listeners with your choice of words.


1. Use sensory specific language: make an impact on all of the senses and engage feelings and emotions. Let your listeners hear the rumble of the gathering storm or leave a sweet taste in their mouths.

2. Adapt your language to others preferences: matching someone’s own style or sensory preference improves the chance of being understood. How can someone hear what you are saying if they what they need is for you to paint them a picture?

3. Appeal to all the senses if you do not know the preference: if you are communicating to a group or you do not know or cannot predict the natural preference, build in language that appeals to a mix of all the senses.