iStock_000005866750MediumSearching for a birthday card recently for a friend, I came across one that read, “Inside every older person, there is a young one wondering what on earth happened.” (Text in italics loosely paraphrased for public consumption, of course!) There are many things we may choose to dispute but there is no getting around the fact that we all get older every day – even if we don’t always feel it.  In fact, there is a lot we can do to stay pro-actively young no matter what age we are. Physical fitness is important but so is keeping the brain young and fit. Working on our reaction time, focus, clarity of thinking sharpens our thought processes and is this is definitely a benefit for our communication skills.

By happy coincidence, browsing on the website of Psychology Today, I came across a link to a site called “Lumosity” that claims to improve your brain health and performance and allows you to build a free and personalized on-line training programme to enhance memory and attention and track improvements. I’ve signed up, tried it out and found it great fun as well.