Even when you are on top of your to-do list and hitting your deadlines, life at work in a fast-paced environment can still be stressful. For example, you may be constantly under pressure to make decisions without a lot of time to consider the likely impact; or you may experience days when nothing seems to go your way for reasons you find hard to fathom; or you might be getting frustrated when others seem slow to get on board with ideas that seem perfectly obvious to you.

As a consequence, the risk of burnout will be heightened.

This is when you might find yourself becoming cynical about the job you once enjoyed and your motivation sinks to an all-time low.  You might also experience physical changes such as tiredness, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep or emotional changes such as irritability or depression.

Take care of yourself by putting a few strategies in place to bust the stress levels before it leads to full and proper burnout:

  • Understand your own stressors – identify the root causes of what stresses you disproportionately.
  • Prioritise these areas for “de-stressing” – draft in help, delegate, do things differently.
  • Learn to recognise the signs and triggers – when stress kicks in, take preventative action before it is too late.
  • Manage your time and priorities effectively – with “Quadrant II” thinking and behaviour.
  • Stay in the moment – give your full attention to the important task in hand that you have prioritised and don’t fret over what you cannot do.
  • Learn to say “No” – be realistic about what you can take on and be honest with yourself about your capacity.
  • Give yourself credit – focus on what you have achieved and your progress and don’t beat yourself up about what you have not yet done.
  • Build your support networks – having people to talk to at critical times makes a difference.
  • Look after yourself – eat well, exercise, and enjoy your holidays instead of cancelling them.
  • If all else fails, keep calm and carry on – take a deep breathe, take a moment, take a break, tell a friend…

Operating on the edge of burnout is definitely not sustainable. The trick is not to let things go that far!

Why not try a stress-busting App such as  Calm ?