iStock_000002909550MediumIt can be a challenge to strike the right note when you have to introduce yourself to people who do not know you when you are not in the workplace. The temptation might be to say too much and that can be boring. Saying not enough on the other hand, risks being underwhelming. How best to do this outside of a business setting when you want to be friendly and get to know others?


Brief introductions are always best so just provide the the essentials that the other person needs to know about you such as your name and where. you are from.

Use the context of the meeting place or occasion. If you meet another enthusiast at an art show, you could say something like say, “Hi, I’m David. I’m here to see the Picasso’s.”

Understatement is a virtue. Unless you’re in a business setting, your job title is irrelevant. You can just indicate what line of work you are in if this is appropriate.

Focus on the other person. Ask questions and listen to the answers if you truly want to get off to a good start and make a good impression.

In fact, just be yourself!

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