A traditional CV and the cover letter are the only parts of the job application process over which you have full control. Even this is being diminished when you apply on-line with standardised response boxes and limited word counts. No matter what the format, it is vital that you invest your time and energy in getting it right Untitled-7

1. There is no such thing as one definitive CV or cover letter: have a good final draft of each but it is essential to tailor what you send off to match the demands of each specific job application /employer.

2. The CV and cover letter are marketing tools: be sure to present your best experiences using positive language and don’t be shy about detailing your relevant skills and competencies.

3. Be concise and make every word count: it is demanding to write something that is both meaningful and compact but do focus on this to get the best result. With on-line applications, be sure to respect word count limits.