wheelchairOne huge learning point we can take from the stunning performances of the athletes at the 2012 Paralympics, is that perception can influence both the individual performing and those observing. The outstanding achievements and the beliefs of excellence of all the paralympians have certainly altered my perceptions. Now I firmly believe that ‘disabled’ is a misnomer – rather say ‘differently-abled’. They certainly performed beyond their expectations and many of ours! When applying this learning to the challenges of communicating effectively, in order to change a situation, you often have to start by seeing it differently and challenging your own perceptions. A very effective way to do this is to consider the various “positions” or viewpoints and explore each different perspective in turn to see if fresh insights point you towards a possible solution. Developing these and other pertinent communication skills will enhance your powers to manage meetings for positive outcomes or to find ways to build great customer relationships.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your communication assets and benefit from the legacy that changing perceptions can bring.