Acquiring the right miMindsetndset for using leadership coaching skills as a leader is a conscious decision and a choice that must be actively made. It presupposes that you stand firmly behind the belief that a coaching approach adds value, that the other person has something valuable to contribute and that it is worth exploring ideas and options. It requires going beyond the obvious and believing there must be more. Curiosity for other people’s ideas and thinking is essential and this leads you to really listen to what they have to say. Additionally, you accept that your own ideas are not always the most important ones and you are willing to have your ideas evaluated on an equal footing along with any other options that have been generated. By choosing to set aside the need to always tell and instead facilitating and soliciting the input and contribution of others, there are huge benefits to be gained.

Benefits for you as a leader

  • Your impact on those around you gradually changes and people start reacting more positively to you.
  • In creating the space for other people to express their thoughts and ideas and value their contribution, you are seen as a catalyst for change and bigger thinking.
  • The potential for success for you and the team is greater as everyone is involved is making a more significant contribution towards achieving results.

Benefits for the people you coach

  • The impact on personal growth and development for those you coach is destined to be high.
  • Being encouraged to make a contribution fosters the ability to think and leads to a greater sense of ownership in and responsibility for the outcome.
  • Greater involvement creates a more energetic dynamic and a greater level of overall engagement.

Benefits for the organisation

  • The potential to maximise results and performance through people with a more efficient use of resources,
  • The development of more and better options to choose from.
  • More forward momentum towards creativity and innovation.

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