sheryl-sandbergIn this 2009 video Sheryl Sandberg, American technology executive, activist, and author reflects on the importance of authentic communication when it comes to being successful. In her view (and we tend to agree), your expertise alone will not get you to where you want to be. It’s how you interact with others that will make a difference.

Here are some of the highlights from her talk:

  • Great decisions cannot be made unless everyone is honest.
  • There is no absolute truth – only a subjective truth, your truth or my truth.
  • Stating forceful opinions and “being right” usually inhibits authentic communication.
  • Sharing “your truth” and leading with belief statements is more likely to encourage authentic and meaningful dialogue.
  • Authentic communicators use the active voice and take responsibility for their actions.

Incidentally, what do think of the way she speaks herself? Do you find her authentic? We especially like the way she shares well-chosen stories, examples and anecdotes from her personal experience. This always helps to boost credibility!


The Training Box recommends:

“Leading Out Loud: A Guide for Engaging Others in Creating the Future”

(John Wiley & Sons, 2013)

by Terry Pearce