towardswhatyouwantHow compelling are your goals for yourself? Are they attractive enough to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone? If you always focus on what could go wrong, you will find it difficult to motivate yourself sufficiently to find positive solutions. Think about what you actually want and what is important to you rather than what you don’t want. Back this up by having a sound plan and working towards what you want.

1. Know what you REALLY want and what achieving the goal will do for you.

2. Express this in positive language; want to have… rather than avoid having…

3. Be sure the goal is under your control or take steps to bring it under your control.

4. Check that it is worth what it takes to get there and assess the impact on others.

5. Look forward into the future and imagine you have already achieved it.

6. Look back from this future to the milestones along the way and see how you got there.

7. Formulate your practical and specific plan; who, what, where, when, how.

8. Assess your own commitment and if in doubt, adjust the goal, or other parameters, to increase your level of commitment to achieving it.

9. Step out and start by taking the first step as soon as you can, no matter how small this step may be.

10. Act “as if” it were already true to keep yourself motivated and to have the maximum impact.

Creating a compelling vision is Tip 3 in The Training Box book and ebook 52 Brilliant Communication Tips by Maureen Steele.